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Provenance brings together six cofounders with in-depth expertise in digital assets and/or compliance, with a multidisciplinary and diverse team. Each of the cofounders has unique insights and knowledge to contribute, and the reason we came together was that we could not find a good compliance solution for our clients. As virtual assets and blockchain become increasingly adopted and regulated, institutional investors, funds, banks and other entities need reliable support for their AML and other compliance obligations. We are building that, using our experience from working with blockchain projects for the last several years, but also an in-depth knowledge of capital markets and investment funds from a legal, compliance and regulatory, and corporate governance perspective, including security, audit/valuation and tax aspects.

Petri Basson

Provenance Co-founder (and co-founder of HASH)
A Chartered Accountant (CA(SA)), as well as Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), Petri has done extensive work in digital assets audit, data and security standards. He is also the Chairman of the Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands.

Oliver Bell

Provenance Co-founder (and co-founder of Marfire)
An investment funds lawyer and previously Partner at a globally recognised offshore law firm, Oliver has significant experience in advising on the establishment of digital asset funds and the structuring of blockchain projects.

Ruan Botha

Provenance Co-founder, Director of Compliance 
Ruan has a unique skill set with experience in law, tax, and compliance, with qualifications as an Admitted Attorney (BA-Law, LLB(SA)) as well as Certified AML Fintech Compliance Associate (ACAMS) and Certified Bitcoin Professional (C4). 

Cara Hennessy

Provenance Co-founder, Director of Compliance
Cara has a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and is skilled in Internal Audit, Compliance, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Banking, and Hedge Funds, Cara keeps all of us on the straight and narrow.​

Campbell Law

Provenance Co-founder (and founder of Silverside Management Ltd.)
Campbell has over 30 years' experience in the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands, and has worked extensively on corporate governance issues, including for digital assets projects.​

Ramona Tudorancea

Provenance Co-founder (and founder of JB Advisory Services SEZC)
Ramona practiced as an international lawyer before moving to the Cayman Islands to work in the investment funds industry. Since 2017, she has focused on virtual assets and blockchain projects.
Provenance Compliance Diverse Team

In addition to the cofounders, Provenance is built by an equally diverse and talented team. They are motivated and enthusiastic to redesign how compliance works, so that there is less focus on check-the-box and managing regulators, and more attention given to properly assessing and managing the ML/TF risks, and teaching people about why compliance is important and how to build the right way.

Helen O'Sullivan

Compliance Officer & Project Manager
Skilled in Compliance, AML Delegate Audit, Project Management, Gap Analysis and Risk Management, Helen has over ten years' experience in the legal and financial industry, serving as AML Officer to Cayman funds.

Valdin Bailey

With over ten years of professional experience working in the Cayman Islands financial services industry, Valdin specializes in the implementation, monitoring and reporting under FATCA and CRS


Compliance Officer
As a compliance officer with a Law degree and various certifications, Aurielle specialises in corporate, regulatory, information and AML/CFT/PF compliance, risk management and project management.


Compliance Officer
Leopoldt is an LLB, Law, and ACAMS graduate and admitted attorney who has gained valuable experience within local and international legal, compliance, AML, CTF and risk environments as a legal, risk and compliance specialist.

Ferno Pieterse

Compliance Officer
Ferno Pieterse is a Compliance Officer, with a focus on know your client (KYC) processes. He is a driven and capable legal practitioner with valuable experience in the financial sector and international legal compliance. He worked globally with a multitude of international rules and legislation.

Kendall Viljoen

Project Coordinator
Kendall Viljoen is a Project Coordinator, with a background of legal and business intelligence and investigations. Kendall has in-depth knowledge and expertise on enhanced due diligence investigations, litigation support, fraud investigations, vetting and regulatory checks.

Ferdus Beytell

Finance Manager
Ferdus Beytell is a registered Associate General Accountant (South Africa) with SAICA and our Finance Manager. He has a demonstrated history of managing finance and audit teams and is skilled in the reporting and presentation of key results, analyzing and optimizing financial systems and other key processes, managing client engagement relations and investigating financial irregularities and reporting on discoveries.

Aniel Putter

Client Success Manager
Aniel Putter comes from a legal background with a master’s degree in International Air, Space and Telecommunications. Aniel started her career working for a commercial law firm in Pretoria, South Africa. She previously worked in commercial law and international trade and logistics, resulting in an in-depth knowledge on transnational business practices and customs procedures.

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